Mar 07 2018 Holly & McKinley | Coonskin Park Winter Wedding

Holly and McKinley were our ideal clients from start to finish! Their joyously contagious personalities, their beautiful wedding choices for their WV winter wedding, from their gorgeous decor, Holly’s beautiful vintage styled wedding dress, (that had the perfect spin factor), and McKinley’s super stunner velvet maroon suit, we couldn’t pick a favorite detail of their day. We loved it all! They chose Coonskin Park, in Charleston, West Virginia, as the spot they’d begin their forever together and it proved to be perfect in every way to encapsulate all the feels for the perfect winter wonderland Holly envisioned for her wedding day.

The perfect amount of snow fell, leaving us enveloped in a breathtaking view that looked like a scene straight from Narnia. It left their entire wedding day feeling cozy, intimate, and magical.

Holly and McKinley’s love is genuine and authentic. Their wedding had nothing to do with the details, regardless of the attention and sentiment put into them, but everything to do with the covenant being made between them.

It was such a privilege for Brandon and me to be a part of such a special day surrounded by the love of family and friends, who drove from so many distances, and God’s presence so thick that you could just feel His favor and blessing blanketing their union. We are so happy for Holly and MicKinley and wish them so many decades of joy, love, adventure, and thrills!

Winter WV wedding at Coonskin Park by Emily Ferguson Photography © 2018