Jun 26 2015 Kristin & David’s Engagement Photos

David and Kristin are such a sweet couple who are so easy to talk to and laugh with.

We were hit with a rain storm within 10 minutes of the start of their engagement photo shoot, so we got to wait it out under a shelter, with some seriously interesting characters who clearly know nothing about the location of Vietnam.

Once the rain finally passed we were gifted with the most lovely warm light mixed with some stunningly giant storm clouds looming in the sky. Brandon and I started their shoot at Ritter Park in Huntington , WV with the 2 of them and their fur baby, Stella. She was serious model status and a perfectly well behaved dog. After we enjoyed the glowy evening light at the park, we headed to Harris Riverfront Park , also in Huntington , and as the sun had gone down, we were given a beautiful and dramatic stormy backdrop to enjoy.

We truly enjoyed their images and hanging out with this couple. We can’t wait for their Hurricane, WV wedding in the fall and the chance to photograph them during another momentous occasion in their lives.

West Virginia Couple Photos by Emily Ferguson Photography © 2015