Dec 12 2018 Rebecca & Dan | University of Charleston Wedding

We cannot say enough awesome things about Rebecca, Dan, and all their amazing friends and family! Their University of Charleston wedding (in Charleston, WV) ranks high on our list for 2018. They were so sweet, easy-going, and crazy in love!

Rebecca is a super talented girl who has her own business designing handmade items that you can see here. She and Dan live in Brooklyn, NY, but came home to Charleston, WV where Rebecca grew up to tie the knot at UC. The weather was incredible all day. It was a cool, fall day with some clouds and breeze that tickled the back of your neck as you inhaled deeply the smells of early fall in the air.

As they said their I Do's, with the beautiful Wild and Wonderful state capitol as their backdrop, you could feel the emotion they felt as they recited each word of promise to one another.

Their party was HOT all night long! There was never a minute of drag or pause in the energy and dancing for the several hours we were there with them. They radiated fun out there together, as friends soaked in every moment together before they went their separate ways across the country after the festivities wrapped up. Rebecca and Dan will always be some favorite people of ours and we will always count ourselves blessed for meeting them.

UC Wedding by Emily Ferguson Photography © 2018