Oct 29 2017 JQ Dickinson Salt-Works Wedding | Kady & Ryan

Kady and Ryan are our kinds of people with their love of all things outdoors and nature. Brandon and Ryan hit it off right away with a mutual love for fishing and mountain biking, and Kady is the kind of warm sweetness you can’t help but clique with. When they chose us to be their wedding photographers and capture their JQ Dickinson Salt-Works wedding, we didn’t realize what a treat it would turn out to be.

We were greeted with perfect weather and the most helpful and accommodating staff to make the day go off without a single hiccup.

So many moments left you with a lump in your throat, from an emotional first look, a meaningful ceremony, and a father-daughter dance that left no eyes dry, I struggle to pick a favorite moment of the day.

From the hand-grown flowers, used in bouquets and centerpieces, that Kady’s aunts grew at their homes especially for her wedding, to the handmade pies and adorable ice cream sundae bar, it was a day full of special moments and details to capture.

It was such a pleasure getting to experience JQ Dickinson Salt-Work, Wedding Venue in Charleston, WV. It is such a beautiful and charming little nugget, tucked right off the highway that provides the perfect backdrop for the I Do’s and love that surrounds those vows. I’m thankful to have met such a beautiful couple and share in their dreamy and sentimental wedding day.

JQ Dickinson Salt-Works Wedding by Emily Ferguson Photography © 2017