Jan 27 2022 Grandview Cottages Wedding | Stephanie & Zach

The View at Grandview Cottages, in Greenville, West Virginia, is a tucked-away gem on top of a mountain that is the perfect intimate place to spend the weekend with your friends and family celebrating your marriage!

We were so excited to shoot Steph and Zack’s wedding day. We had met up several months before for a snowy engagement session and hit it off with them immediately. Their wedding day and all their friends were no exception. We had so much fun getting to know the wedding party and capturing some beautiful photos to freeze their day along the way.

Just when we think we have seen all the beauty WV has to offer, another venue is introduced to us and we get to experience another breath-taking piece of the Wild and Wonderful.

If you’re looking for a venue with beautiful views, cabin accommodations for family and wedding party, and the perfect outdoor patio for cocktail hour, firepits to circle around with friends as the evening winds down, and the most perfect relaxed vibe, then we highly recommend The Grandview Cottages.

Grandview Cottages Wedding by Emily Ferguson Photography © 2022