Jan 04 2021 Coopers Rock Micro Wedding | Miranda & Brad

Miranda and Brad can testify to the struggle of planning a wedding amidst a global pandemic. They had 3 different venues, 2 dresses, and cut back after cut back to the guest list. However, it didn’t take away from the love and beauty of their incredible fall wedding at Coopers Rock State Park in Morgantown, WV

Their large event may have scaled back to a family micro wedding, but the only thing that felt like it was lacking was the fuss and drama of a bigger wedding day. It was such an easy and fun mood all day from start to finish. Coopers Rock in the fall is something that definitely needs to be added to your bucket list! It’s an unforgettable view wrapped in the colors of seasons transitioning and making way for new life next spring.

As the trees and nature represented the end of one season, it made the perfect backdrop as Miranda and Brad stepped into a new season of life together as husband and wife

We are huge fans of shooting elopements and micro weddings in these scenic spots of West Virginia and beyond. If you’re thinking of a more scaled-back approach for your wedding day then contact us asap for more details on our elopement packages!

Coopers Rock Wedding by Emily Ferguson Photography © 2020