Emily Ferguson

Co-owner, Photographer


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Brandon Ferguson

Co-owner, Photographer


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Emily Ferguson Photography is more than just a professional photography business. It’s two people with a passion for capturing your life and moments just as they are now. To freeze a time or occasion you’ll never again get to repeat. We have such a great desire to go above and beyond to produce the images in the excellent quality and professionalism our clients have come to know and expect.

Emily & Brandon

Emily Ferguson Photography is a married team of photographers, owned and operated by Emily and Brandon, or better and more popularly known as- The Ferg’s. Having been in love for over a decade, one thing we get is each other and how we best work as a team to provide you with an incredible and professional experience, no matter what occasion we’re documenting. We have a flow and methoic system to give you creative, artistic images as well as beautiful, timeless portraits all out of the same session. We want your encounter with us to be memorable, fun, and comfortable from start to finish. We value each interaction with our clients and want them to leave fully satisfied with what we produce. Contact us today for a consultation, chat, or inquiries about bookings and package pricing. We can’t wait to get to know you and have the honor of shooting whatever special time you’re celebrating, whether it be a wedding, engagement, growing family, or just celebrating life!

Photo Credit: The Oberports 


We're a Married Team

The benefit of having your photographers being married has so many perks! First off, we have been doing life together for over a decade, therefore we know love! We know the ins and outs, the good and bad of marriage, and on the professional side of it, no one flows more methodically together as a team than a husband and wife. We know what the other is doing and capturing on a wedding day by just glancing over at one another.

We have a system and a style of shooting during our weddings or portrait sessions that leaves us confident that all of those important moments aren't missed.

We are together daily, discussing your upcoming wedding, talking and working out the details, and planning the best course of action for your special day to accomplish the photography side of it in complete excellence.

We're Fun and Relaxed

How many of us have been to a wedding or been in a wedding or hired a portrait photographer where the photographer was so uptight or over the top that they left everyone feeling stressed out and on edge? We are the total opposite.

We can't help but enjoy ourselves with our clients. We love to laugh, make a fool of ourselves, watch those nervous walls come down after the first few minutes and have a genuinely incredible time together photographing your engagement and wedding photos.

We do pose some but we then step back and just let the couple be themselves and interact together naturally and snap that shutter at just the right moment, when that look is exchanged, when the kids wrap their arms around you spontaneously, or your husband scoops up your baby and kisses his or her face off, the quick moment that he brushes that hair out of her face, that big laugh only he can bring out of her, all of those moments that makes the couple “you.”


Emily began shooting in 2009, and Brandon joined her in the photography industry in 2011. With over 13 years of shooting, we’ve shot over 1000 sessions. We have grown, discovered our style and brand and who we are. We know with confidence when we walk into your session or wedding that we have what it takes to please our clients.

This isn't just a ``weekend gig`` for us or something we do occasionally. We bring a ton of experience to the table and we have navigated many obstacles and unexpectance happenstances.

Our portfolios boldly speak who we are as artists. Our style is well presented so you know what to expect in a session with us.

2 full-time photographers

The benefit of hiring us is you do not have a main photographer showing up with a random second shooter who doesn't regularly do events with the photographer you have hired.

We also do not operate as a main shooter and second shooter, who is just providing filler shots, but rather as 2 main photographers that step in and direct the session and take lead at different intervals of our time together. Although our style of photography is the same, we see a moment or a setting totally different, thus giving you the photo shot two totally different ways to enjoy. We work this business together everyday bringing each of our own personal skill sets to the table to keep this business functioning and sailing smoothly.

Clients love us and our work

As our testimonials speak for themselves, our clients are left more than satisfied. It isn’t rare or unlikely for us to build a lasting a long relationship with most of the people we photograph.

It's never 1 session or done with the wedding. We regularly capture families from their engagement sessions up through many pregnancies, births of their children, and as they grow through the years.

This isn’t just a job for us, but our lifestyle and our passion above all is pleasing the people who are hiring us to forever freeze time for them during a season of life they never want to forget.